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Freedom Fabrication

Lever Belt Squat

Lever Belt Squat

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UHMW inserts
Mag Pin

Introducing the Ultimate Lever Belt Squat by Freedom Fabrication: Your Solution for a Superior Leg Workout. Whether you're dealing with back pain, spinal compression, or simply aiming for an efficient leg workout, our Lever Belt Squat is your answer. Designed to reduce back strain and offer an optimal lower body workout, it easily attaches to your existing squat rack. By shifting the load to your hips and legs, this attachment lets you avoid upper body strains, focusing solely on strengthening your lower body. It's perfect for those recovering from upper-body injuries or those without a belt squat machine.

Compatibility and Features:

Custom-made for any power rack
Post length: 14", accommodating 11 standard 45 lb plates
Hole size: 5/8" or 1" holes
Dimensions: 30" long, 14" high.
Weight: 18 lbs.
Durable steel construction with a sleek black "Steel It" coat finish.
UHMW: Add UHMW inserts to protect your power rack
Mag Pin: Add an optional Mag Pin from Fringe Sport

Experience the versatility of our Lever Belt Squat, offering a full range of motion without the need for an expensive, space-consuming belt squat machine. Ideal for home gyms or facilities without a dedicated belt squat, this attachment integrates seamlessly with your current equipment. But its uses aren't limited to belt squats! Utilize it for rows, bicep curls, and viking presses to diversify and enhance your workout routine.

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