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Adjustable Nordic Curl Bar / Knee Pad for Lat Pull Downs - Power Rack Attachment

Adjustable Nordic Curl Bar / Knee Pad for Lat Pull Downs - Power Rack Attachment

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Introducing my versatile power rack attachment – perfect for Nordic Curls and Lat Pull Downs.

Enhance your workout routine with my custom-made Power Rack Attachment, designed for both Nordic Hamstring Curls and as a Knee Pad Support for Lat Pull Downs. Tailored to fit your power rack, this attachment is an adjustable, space-efficient addition to your power rack and garage gym.

Available in Three Styles:

Crossmember mount:

  • Function: Ideal for Nordic Curls.
  • Design: Attaches to your power rack using existing cross-member bolts, featuring a 90-degree bend that positions the bar 9.5" above the ground – the perfect height for Nordic Curls.
  • Note: Not suitable for lat pull downs.

J-Cup style mount:

  • Function: Suitable for both Nordic Curls and as a Knee Pad for Lat Pull Downs.
  • Design: Attaches like J-cups, using the front holes of your power rack upright. It includes a fixed steel rod at the top and holes at the bottom for a hitch pin or mag pin, ensuring secure placement.
  • Consideration: Be mindful of potential interference with your cross-member when mounted low for Nordic Curls.

Adjustable side mount:

  • Function: Versatile for both Nordic Curls and Lat Pull Downs.
  • Design: Utilizes a hitch pin or mag pin on the side holes of your rack, avoiding cross-member interference. It features a 90-degree bend for an ideal height of 9.5" off the ground for Nordic Curls.

Compatibility: Fits various rack sizes (2x3", 3x3") and accommodates both 5/8" and 1" holes.

Build and Specifications:

  • Material: Made from durable 1/4" plate welded steel.
  • Padding: Features premium-quality leather foam padding.
  • Finish: Sleek matte black powder coating.
  • Leather Pad Dimensions: Length 7" x Outer Diameter 3.5".

Customization Options:

  • Color: Custom color powder coating available for an additional $20 to match your gym setup.
  • Magpin: Upgrade with a Fringe Sport magpin for $30. Fringe Sport Magpin.

Feel free to contact us for this or any other customization needs.

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